Go To Sermons: Part I: Stop Holding It


Before I start writing this, I pray that God anoints each word, to help you with whatever you are holding onto in your life. Do not be ashamed, I have been there before as well. I pray that He uses this to help you Stop Holding It. I pray that he gets all of the glory. Amen.

When you are trying to grow within Christ, you begin to notice things that pull you away from the purpose that He wants you to fulfill. Why do we struggle with letting go of these things that bring us so much pain?

For some of us that answer is simple. I cannot let go of that hurt, because I use it as the motivating factor for my life. There are many problems with turning pain into purpose. One problem that I have been facing, is realizing that I will never be able to overcome the pain if I keep using it as fuel. Imagine having a car that takes only premium gas, but you put regular gas in it. What does that regular gas do to your car as you continue to use it? Well, it eventually destroys the engine, but even worse while the car still works; it never gets the chance to reach its full potential. Why? Because the fuel is insufficient.

I am not sure about you, but many times I have allowed into my spirit; the heartbreak, the mistrust, and the judgement that I have received from others. I allowed each of those things to limit the capacity that I could live up to.

What this sermon allowed me to see, is where I was making my biggest mistake. I wanted to let it go… AT FIRST. Until I became comfortable with living with my dysfunctions and insufficiencies. So comfortable, that I stopped running from pain and started gravitating toward things that I knew would cause pain. I was in that dangerous place of holding onto everything from my past, while thinking that I left enough space to be able to get something positive out of my future. BUT, that’s not how life works, because what I thought I was holding eventually began to hold me back.

The mistake that I made was holding everything while still expecting to be able to catch blessings from God, even though my heart, soul, and hands were full. I was at a point that I started blaming God that nothing was improving in my life. I started going to those things that were holding back me more than I ever had. I started losing myself, and it became so bad that I remember the day that I told God, “I am letting it go. I will no longer do this alone. I will trust you and I know that you will fill the void of everything I let go. God, I promise you right now, that I will Stop Holding It.

Here’s the truth though, even after you have given it to God, you still have your moments that remind you of your pain. You still feel those temptations trying to creep up on you, BUT the difference is now you are no longer fighting your battles alone. You are no longer focusing on those harmful things. You have mustard up the courage to be able to stay focused on Christ! So now, when someone or something tries to interrupt your focus; you know that you are protected by Christ. You know that you are covered.


Now take time and gather your thoughts, and make a list of the things that you are holding. If it gets too painful then you tear that list up and make a vow with Christ, not me, that this is the last time that you will hold on to any of these things. “God I will Stop Holding It!

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