To Christ It Was Only A Nap

Dear God, I want to thank you for putting this verse in my heart and mind. God please give me the words, so that this devotion will be a blessing. From this, may you get all the glory. Let’s remind people that to you, It Was Only A Nap! Amen

When you put into context the moments before these three scriptures, you will understand that this is a very different moment for Christ. Many of His miracles, were done for strangers and people that He had met along His journey of fulfilling His purpose. In this particular moment, the person who needed a miracle was one of His closest companions, Lazarus. Lazarus, was the brother of Mary and Martha, yes the same Mary that Christ showed himself to first once he had risen (that’s a sermon in itself). Christ was forced to come to the realization that his best friend was fatally sick, and the only way he would get better was through him.

What makes Christ, Christ?

In this moment, he knew and understood his power. He knew that He could heal Lazarus, while he was alive; Lazarus’ sickness would then cease. But what makes Christ, Christ is that he understood the opportunity of this moment. He knew that the timing of this miracle would be the key to how the story unfolded. And how the story unfolded, would then be the key to the glory that His father would receive. He knew that it was not enough for people to see Him heal the sick, but He needed people to see Him raise the dead. He knew that if they believed in Him, then they would believe in the Father.

This is what Christ is in our lives; The Bridge. He is our connection to God, which is why it is so vital to believe in Him. As my grandfather would say, let me give you some foundational truths. God is not one being. So when you read, John 1:1, In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. There is more than one person in this verse. God is three persons, the Holy Trinity to be exact. The greatest relationship to have ever existed, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. You cannot believe in one without the other. In fact, once you know this, scriptures even read differently. Trust me I had to reread the entire John, because of this very reason. What I came to understand from this, is why Christ seemed so eager to win souls. He knew that He was the bridge (the way) to the Father. He knew that if you believed and loved Him, then you believed and loved the Father and also the Holy Spirit. He also knew if you believed and loved Him, then the Father and the Holy Spirit would love you too. Christ was that conscience of His purpose, and He is that important to our faith. (John 3:16-17)

Now this leads us back to the verses for today. Christ, waited 4 days before going to see about his best friend, Lazarus. Once again a very intentional move by the God we serve. This was a moment for His disciples to see His true power. Lazarus was dead, but to Christ It Was Only A Nap.

How many of us need a brother like that? Someone that can bring back to life, the things that you thought were dead. Someone who cares enough about you; that they go into a place that they are unwanted just to meet your problem. That’s the God, we serve.

Now let’s really touch everyone’s situation. See many of us are needing Christ to bring our joy back to life, to bring our relationships back to life, our finances back to life, our faith back to life, and for some of us we just need ourselves to be brought back to life.

If that did not fit your situation, then you fill it in, “I need God to bring my _______ back to life.”

You know the saying, “I am sick and tired of being sick and tired!” Guess what? There is GREAT NEWS… He sees your struggles and you are not alone. He sees the things that you are needing Him for, and He knows that only He can do it… BUT!

Can you be patient? Are you okay with him waiting, until he can get the largest amount of glory out of your struggle? I know that we want our thorn removed, but so did Paul. I know we feel like we cannot make it unless he brings our finances back to life, but just try to keep the faith. He is working it out so that he can get all the glory. Do you know what that means for you? Well, let’s just say that when God is getting the glory, then something great must have happen for you. Something life changing must have occurred. For example, CoVid-19 was supposed to kill the things I wanted to do in 2020, but somehow it brought me new life (This Blog). Remember, what we think is dead… To Christ It Is Only A Nap!

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