It Happens In The Valley.

Dear God, thank You for another opportunity to grow Your Kingdom. I never take these opportunities for granted. Today, I want to remind people that the evil in the valley does not win. God, I personally want to thank You. You keep showing yourself in my life. Allow me to be what those around me need in order to see Your light. You are God from beginning to the end, the Alpha and Omega. This will always be for Your glory. Forgive me for my sins. In Your mighty name, Amen.

“It Happens In the Valley”

What is the cause of your valley? Is it the test you failed, losing your job, spouse, or maybe even a close friend or relative? Is it the circumstances that you were born into? How many of us know that sometimes it is not even our fault that we are in the valley? The reality is: it is much easier to feel like you are in the valley, than it is to feel like you are on the mountain top. The fall feels much faster than the climb. Think about the buildup of the big drop on a roller coaster. It takes minutes to build up the suspense for a five second drop. Maybe you have never rode a rollercoaster. Think about the fear that an upcoming situation may have caused you. You were nervous for 72 hours about a 30-minute event.

The beautiful thing about this verse and about those moments that you find yourself in the valley, is that YOU ARE REASSURED THAT YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Fear is human nature, but to remain in fear is a choice. To remain in fear, is to choose to believe that we cannot handle something more than we believe that God can do all things. Sometimes we remain in our valley simply, because we settle. The valley is not meant to be the destination. In fact, many times the valley feels like stagnation, but I believe that God uses the valley as preparation. You are not waiting, you are loading.

Sometimes it takes being in those low places, to truly appreciate that moment you reach the mountain top. You have to understand that in your valley, God, is there with you. In the moments, that you feel the darkness trying to pull you, lean on him. In the moment that the valley wants to steal your joy, lean on him. You can’t start a verse with “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,” without having supreme confidence in the God that you serve. Even though I am sad, even though it looks bad, even though I have been here before… Lord, you are still with me. Say this aloud: I know that with You, I can make it through the valley. I know that with You, I am being built up within the valley. I know that the devil thinks that the valley is supposed to kill me, but I have you Lord, to comfort me.

In fact, if you are able to read this blog then I know you have been through a valley. Guess what? You are still here, and you are still being protected. Maybe you are in a valley as you read this, and you are unsure how God will help you through this one. At this moment, I want you to try something that will take courage. Give it to Him. Put your faith to the test. If you do not know how, first just allow Him in. Allow God to be a part of those dark times, just like you shout Him out when you are winning. Let Him really have control and watch how He reassures you. Empty your hands and watch how He refills them with what you really need.

Many times, the valley is made to walk through, not run, not skip, but walk. It’s when you move too fast, that you miss everything that God, wanted to do. You move so fast that you start to lean on your own understanding. Society makes us feel that we are behind the curve. It feels like you should be in a hurry or we need to catch up. What happens when we start moving too fast is that we take our immature mentality, into a place that is meant for a mature mentality. The valley is made to cultivate those areas that we need to grow, so that when we reach the mountain, we are equipped with everything we need to make it to the top. It does not happen after the valley, IT HAPPENS IN THE VALLEY!

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this blog. It means more to me than anything, to know that I was able to share the Word of God with you. It would greatly be appreciated if you would share something from this blog that resonated with you. Share it to someone, to your social media, share it anywhere that you see fit. Make sure that when you share it, you let them know that: It Happens In The Valley.

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