One Year.

Dear God, thank you. Wow, there is so many things on my mind today. I thank You for giving me the courage a year ago to be obedient to the call and challenge. From the beginning, I knew the seriousness of doing this blog. I knew what my life had to become in order to even share my thoughts. I knew all these things, but what I did not know is how much I would lean on You. I never would have imagined how much I would feel Your presence. God, you are so God. Through every post, I have always wanted to be used so that You could get the glory.

From the first post to now, God I thank You for guiding my hands and heart. People see the message, but I pray before I post and send it out… that they know it is a message from You through me. I am no good without You. I need You more and more, as I continue this journey. One year ago, I was anxious; fearful even. There were moments that I wanted to stop, there were moments that I almost let people end this whole thing. In those moments, I felt a shift. God, I began to lean on You. I began to put You first. I began to form a real relationship with You. I realized that I not only needed You in my life, but I wanted You in my life. Today more than ever, I feel that sentiment.

I do not want this to be super long, but I just wanted to thank You, God. Now I want to thank those who support the blog. For one year, you have read, shared, and given feedback. I thank any and every one who has taken their time to support me. I pray for you all daily, because I understand how hard life is and was this last year. I’ve prayed for your strength, your courage and peace of mind. I am here for you, whenever you need me. If you do not have my number, my socials are @keeshonpatrick on Instagram and Twitter. One thing I do not take lightly, is the opportunity to help or be a blessing in someone’s life. I pray that God continues to use me, to be a blessing in your life.

God please forgive me and my readers for our sins. Thank You again. In Your name, I pray Amen. P.S: I have a feeling that He is going to keep on getting better.