You’ve Probably Heard This Before.

Before we get started, Lord please annoint the hands that type the words of your love and grace. God use them to convey a message that is so moving that, they know you had to be apart of it. God please allow these words to heal, deliver, and protect each reader from anything the devil is trying to throw at them. God I understand that they might be familar with this text, allow these words to give them new insight. May these things be done in Your name, for Your Glory, Amen.

Trust me, You’ve Probably Heard This Before.

Let’s break this down. Starting with verse 20, “Now to him who is able to do far more than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us,”

How many of you right now; during a time of pandemic, economic struggles, children being home with us 24/7, being a new homeschool teacher, and having to truly get to know ourselves need a reminder that we serve a God that will not only do all that we ask or think, BUT WANTS TO DO FAR MORE? How many of us needed to be reminded that the power he has, has been given to us?

His dead-rising, lame-walking, blind-seeing, and life-saving power.

That power is within us all, waiting to be used. The only bad part is that when we doubt God’s power, we doubt what he put inside of us to face our problems. We feel like he left us without the answers, when in reality he’s already given us the answers and we have to stop waiting and starting meeting God. That is why I strive to have more than a relationship with Him; I also want a fellowship. I know that a relationship can lead to one side doing more, but a fellowship means we are both working hard to make things work. It helps God see that I am just as eager to do my part, as I am for him to do his.

See, God does not only want to help with what we asked for, he wants to do MORE. He wants to help us be more, see more, feel more, help more, love more, and even have more, but first he wants you to realize that the power to do those things is already working inside of us. Like I said last week, you cannot pull out, what you have not put in. Imagine thinking that you can pull out something that you did not even know was there. That is not a probability that I am willing to rely on, but this is the beauty of our Intentional God. He does not try to hide things from us. He actually has laid out all the answers, we just have to do our part and fellowship (read, listen, yield ourselves) and we will learn those things that are in us.

When we stop looking at oursleves as a seperate organism, but instead a branch of God’s tree. Then, maybe we will realize not only His power, but the power He’s given to us. (John 5:15)

Now let’s tackle verse 21, “To him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen.” Throughout all generations, our actions are larger than us. The affect of what we are doing now is not just impacting our life, but EVERYONE who will come after us. We must realize the importance of what we are or are not doing right now. We must understand that us losing faith, because our spirit feels alone during this pandemic is not just affecting how we deal with hard times. It could also have an effect on how future generations deal with hard times. So be careful the next time you decide to give up, because you are trying to handle it alone. Be careful the next time you do something without God, because you could be setting the precedent of what future generations do. You could also be directly affecting the life they live, because of your decisions.

Another thing that stands out as the doors of physical church is closed, and congreagations have been forced to fellowhship online is, “To him be the glory in the church.” When I was growing up my aunt used to sing a hymn that went like this, “Lord prepare me, to be a sanctuary, pure and holy, tried and true. And with thanksgiving, I’ll be a living. Sanctuary oh for you.” Right now that is what we are being forced to do. More than ever we are realizing, that we the people, are the church. The church is inside each of us. What we do outside of those four walls, beyond the hour and half on a Sunday is more important to our walk with Christ than ever before. So if you ever feel like you are struggling spirtually, struggling with life, struggling to realize the power God has given us then go to Ephesians 3:20-21.

Trust me, I know You’ve Probably Heard This Before, but I am beliving that you’ve never heard it quite like this before.


Go To Sermons: Part III: Grace For Them? (The Power of Grace and Truth) [Grace Like A Flood Part 7]

Before I begin, I pray that each of these words, are used to build His Kingdom. If you are moved by this know that it was not me, but the God within me. I pray that people realize that the condemnation of others, cannot stop the Grace of God. This is one for those people who think their actions are excluding them from God’s Grace, Lord please help them see otherwise. Amen.

What is God’s Grace?

Grace is a gift from our Heavenly Father, given through His son, Christ. It is the enabling power and spiritual healing offered through the mercy and love of Christ.

Those who believe, are saved by Grace. We cannot be better people, in hopes of receiving more Grace. It is unmerited, meaning that NOTHING we do is able to give us Grace. (Ephesians 2:8-9) God’s Grace is sufficient, it is everlasting. It is His Grace that covers our sins, that gives us the opportunity to get it right after sinning. If it was not for His Grace, I would be on a one-way train to hell. Honestly, if God was like us, then we would only have about two opportunities to get it right. If we do not figure it out within those two chances, then we would be given up on… BUT THAT IS NOT OUR GOD.

In this sermon, Pastor Mike, comes from John 8. In this chapter of John, there is a woman, brought in by the teachers of the law and the Pharisees. She had been caught in the act of adultery. The Law of Moses says that, because of her actions she should be stoned. The people that brought her, thought that Jesus, would be on their side and be eager to make an example out of her in order to keep the law.


As they are questioning Christ, he bends down and begins to write on the ground with his finger. He then said to them,Let anyone of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.In this moment, we see the Grace of God. Jesus knew that he was the only one in the room that never sinned. He knew that, if the people in that room were honest with themselves, then there would not be a stone thrown. Just think about the scene. Jesus is trying to teach, only to be interrupted by a group of people accusing a woman of committing adultery. Apparently, they only found her in the act, because there was no other party being accused. Jesus uses the woman, that was supposed to be shamed upon, as proof that even she deserved His Grace. That even she, at what is probably her lowest moment, is covered by His Grace.

This is another example of our intentional God! Christ does everything with a purpose, on purpose. As we understand this maybe we will be less fearful of people who want to throw stones.

The truth is in our lives, we have many people who love us and want the best for our lives. At the same time, we also have people who do not loves us and are waiting on our demise. We have people who are ready to throw stones, for every mistake that we make. The beautiful thing about all of this, is that we serve a God, who is not afraid to protect us from those stones. We serve a God that will not put on us, more than we can bear. What does that mean?

Even if a stone does hit you, God knew that you could handle it!

Now put that into your everyday life. You got fired from your job, he already knew that you could handle it. You got broken up with by your significant other, he knew you could handle it. You got some bad news that you were trying to avoid, HE KNEW YOU COULD HANDLE IT. GOD KNEW THAT YOU COULD AND THAT YOU CAN HANDLE IT! Now you’re probably asking, but what if it I cannot handle it? What if it’s a boulder?


Again, our God is very intentional. So, that stone that you think is too large… is really just testing the confidence that you have in Him, to help you aid the pain. Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need. Hebrews 4:16

Allow His Grace to be what you lean on no matter the situation. Even at your lowest point trust in God, that His Grace will cover you. Yes, there is even Grace for you, the (insert your problem).


Go To Sermons: Part I: Stop Holding It


Before I start writing this, I pray that God anoints each word, to help you with whatever you are holding onto in your life. Do not be ashamed, I have been there before as well. I pray that He uses this to help you Stop Holding It. I pray that he gets all of the glory. Amen.

When you are trying to grow within Christ, you begin to notice things that pull you away from the purpose that He wants you to fulfill. Why do we struggle with letting go of these things that bring us so much pain?

For some of us that answer is simple. I cannot let go of that hurt, because I use it as the motivating factor for my life. There are many problems with turning pain into purpose. One problem that I have been facing, is realizing that I will never be able to overcome the pain if I keep using it as fuel. Imagine having a car that takes only premium gas, but you put regular gas in it. What does that regular gas do to your car as you continue to use it? Well, it eventually destroys the engine, but even worse while the car still works; it never gets the chance to reach its full potential. Why? Because the fuel is insufficient.

I am not sure about you, but many times I have allowed into my spirit; the heartbreak, the mistrust, and the judgement that I have received from others. I allowed each of those things to limit the capacity that I could live up to.

What this sermon allowed me to see, is where I was making my biggest mistake. I wanted to let it go… AT FIRST. Until I became comfortable with living with my dysfunctions and insufficiencies. So comfortable, that I stopped running from pain and started gravitating toward things that I knew would cause pain. I was in that dangerous place of holding onto everything from my past, while thinking that I left enough space to be able to get something positive out of my future. BUT, that’s not how life works, because what I thought I was holding eventually began to hold me back.

The mistake that I made was holding everything while still expecting to be able to catch blessings from God, even though my heart, soul, and hands were full. I was at a point that I started blaming God that nothing was improving in my life. I started going to those things that were holding back me more than I ever had. I started losing myself, and it became so bad that I remember the day that I told God, “I am letting it go. I will no longer do this alone. I will trust you and I know that you will fill the void of everything I let go. God, I promise you right now, that I will Stop Holding It.

Here’s the truth though, even after you have given it to God, you still have your moments that remind you of your pain. You still feel those temptations trying to creep up on you, BUT the difference is now you are no longer fighting your battles alone. You are no longer focusing on those harmful things. You have mustard up the courage to be able to stay focused on Christ! So now, when someone or something tries to interrupt your focus; you know that you are protected by Christ. You know that you are covered.


Now take time and gather your thoughts, and make a list of the things that you are holding. If it gets too painful then you tear that list up and make a vow with Christ, not me, that this is the last time that you will hold on to any of these things. “God I will Stop Holding It!