Fed Up.

Dear God, I was truly struggling to get this out. I needed Your help to calm down, but still write from the pain that this video caused me. A thought occurred, say what you mean and mean what you say. If I do that, then I can live with what comes after, but if I rob myself of that expression; I will slowly begin to lose myself. This is not written from a place of anger, but instead of pain. I am fed up with seeing my people gunned down, kneeled on, and murdered. I know it is not in vain, and I am trusting in you God. Please let this piece be effective, let it both open the eyes of those who are unaware and also convict those who look through a lens of hate, prejudice, and judgement. These words are not meant to make anyone comfortable. THIS IS FOR EVERY AND ANY ONE WHO NEEDS IT! For Your glory, Amen.