Go To Songs: Part I: What Would You Do(Live)[Feat. Isaiah Templeton]

I want to start by thanking God for allowing me to witness this life-changing, faith-altering, demon-shattering song at the live concert. This song changed my expectation of praise and worship forever.

When I heard this song on January 15, 2020, I had no idea that it would turn into my first ever, blog post about music. I had no idea that it would be the turning point in my faith. I had no idea that it would create relationships, that help keep me on the right track. I had no idea the power that this night or song, would have on my life.


This song capped off one of the best nights of praise and worship, I had ever experienced. This song allowed me to witness a level of praise and worship, that I never knew could exist. It was the most energy that I had ever felt in a room before, and I have been to numerous concerts. Nothing compared to the energy in the room that night. I had never felt the presence of God, the way I did that night.

What would you do, if he walked into this room? I look to my left and right, and see people dropping to their knees. What would you say, if he walked into this room?” Screams begin to fill the room, “Jesus, Master, Oh God, Thank You Lord, and any other praises you could imagine.” With my hands raised and my head looking up, I begin to give praise like never before. If you were in the room with me, and you heard, “He’s here right now, the King is in the room. Your Healer’s in the room. Your Savior’s in the room. Your Provider’s in the room. Your Redeemer’s in the room. Your Champion’s in the room.” You had to feel chills all over your body, and most likely had to pinch yourself to make sure this moment was real. Then finally, you come to the realization that this is indeed real, and probably the best experience that you have ever been a part of.

Another thing I knew, was that I had to find out who that guy was that sung the covering of Christ onto us. Well his name is Isaiah Templeton, better known as Zeek. (@zeeksong on Instagram) A billboard Gospel Artist in his own rights., with hits like, Everything Will Be Alright. Zeek allowed his voice to be used to build the kingdom of Christ. I am blessed to have been able to hear Zeek sing on a few occasions at the Elevation Ballantyne location. Each time more of a blessing, then before. I would like to take this moment to personally thank him, for helping me grow within Christ.

You better sang Zeke!

Zeek, I want you to know that our very intentional God, knew that I needed to be in that room. He knew that you had to be the person to deliver that song, for me to get the deliverance I needed. Thank you for allowing God to use you. I truly believe that I am not the only one with this testimony. Now, that the album is out, I believe the you will be used to touch, change, and mold many lives. More than you could have ever imagined, before moving to Charlotte.

This moment was the beginning of my transformation. I knew that if God, could allow music to bless my spirit like that night. Then the blessings that I would gain from reading His word and watching sermons, would be endless. I was not wrong about that, because of this song being the spark plug for my fellowship with Christ, I have branched off to writing the words you are reading now.

When you are changing and growing, you try to find the moment that everything begins to click. That moment for me was this night. Ever since, January 15, 2020, I have been on a pure fire for Christ. Elevation Church, thank you for using the resources you have to grow the kingdom. You allow people to feel comfortable coming to church, as they are. Church is not a Christian hangout. Church is a hospital, that should be dedicated to saving and healing souls for the glory of God!

Please everyone who supports me, go download, stream, and buy; Graves Into Gardens by Elevation Worship. You will not regret this decision. Close your eyes and prepare your heart to praise God like never before.

Just me, worshipping to “Graves into Gardens.” The first time I ever lifted my hands in church.